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As part of our services, we provide complete legal advice for start-ups or start-ups. We support creatives and introduce you to a partner you can turn to at any time to get your business off the ground.
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Labour law
Nastavujeme správná pravidla spolupráce v oblastech pracovního práva. Pomáháme vám překonat složitosti a problémy ve vztahu zaměstnance a zaměstnavatele. Hledáme řešení negativních dopadů způsobených pandemickou krizí.
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Intellectual Property Law, IT
We offer legal services in the field of intellectual property protection, acquisitions, commercialization. We assist you in defining your online space and provide legal protection in the case of interference with your rights in the Internet environment.
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Real Estate
We provide complete legal counseling services in the field of real estate. We protect your rights and provide you with assurances not only when buying or selling real estate but also during building construction.
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We create a solid legal basis and contractual solutions that ensure relationships are implemented and developed. We protect your interests and advise you on how to create a framework for cooperation with your contractual partners.
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Commercial companies
We recommend and implement the rules for the internal systems of a functioning company and provide legal assistance in relation to the company and formal representation of the business entity to public.
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Dispute resolution
We represent your interests in proceedings before courts and arbitrators. We are your support and stable partner in finding a way to resolve disputes and help to find a solution lawsuit settlement out of court.
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Execution and insolvency
We protect you from debtors' reluctance to voluntarily fulfil their debts. We find tools to bridge the negative impacts associated with insolvency and recover the maximum lost value for you.
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Administrative law and taxation
We provide legal support in asserting your rights against the public administration and help in the selection of optimal variants and procedures in the fulfillment of legal obligations towards the state in the area of tax law and administrative law.
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