Labour law

Labour law relationships define the legal status of employers with employees. It is the legal framework of rights and obligations arising in work. Labour law is based on the principle of protecting the employee’s rights. Strict compliance with the Labour Code is expected from both contracting parties. Employers are often unpleasantly surprised by the obligations they have towards their employees. For employers, knowledge and awareness of labor law are essential to everyday processes. The enormous complexity of labor law does not make the situation much more accessible. Our clients confidently turn to our law firm for expert assessments of rights, employment claims, and legal advice in employment law. We help bridge the complexities and problems of the employee-employer relationship and create the conditions for work performed under the Labour Code and other labor law regulations.

We solve labor law problems from the perspective of both employers and employees. Within the scope of our legal services in the field of labor law, we will help you effectively, taking into account the specifics of your situation and respecting the parties involved.

Legal services for employers

  • Legal advice to employers;
  • Preparation of employment law documentation, employment contracts, agreements, management contracts, work rules, and internal company regulations;
  • Reviewing the status of employment law documents;
  • Legal advice on changes in an employee’s job classification;
  • Letter of reprimand for employees;
  • Legal advice on termination of the relationship between employee and employer;
  • Termination of employment relationships by notice, immediate termination, or agreement;
  • Protection of employer’s property and interests;
  • Material liability agreements; Liability agreements for entrusted values;
  • Compensation for damage caused to employees;
  • Prohibition of competition; Competitive agreements of employees; Protection of know-how and information;
  • Rules for the protection of equal treatment and non-discrimination of employees;
  • Legal advice on agency employment;
  • Representation in disputes with employees;
  • Legal representation in administrative proceedings and labor inspections;
  • Training in labor law, employment, and collective bargaining;
  • Setting conditions for working from home and home-office rules for employees.

The correct setting of the rights of the employee and the employer is crucial for functioning in the employment relationship and fulfilling work obligations today.  Functioning rules of cooperation are a desirable state of affairs for both employee and employer.

Legal services for employees

  • Legal advice for employees;
  • Drafting and reviewing employment documents, employment contracts, agreements, management contracts, work schedules, and internal company regulations;
  • Advice on change of work assignment by the employer;
  • Termination of the employment relationship by notice, immediate termination, or agreement;
  • Protection of employee’s claims arising from work-related accidents or occupational diseases;
  • Recovery of wages and other employee claims;
  • Legal advice in the event of wrongful termination of the employment relationship by the employer;
  • Protection against discrimination and unequal treatment by employers;
  • Legal representation in disputes with employers.

The law firm assists both employees and employers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a legal problem in employment law.