As part of our services, we provide complete legal advice for start-ups or start-ups. We support creatives and introduce you to a partner you can turn to at any time to get your business off the ground. Creators imprint their visions and goals on their businesses, and to do this, they need a reliable advisor they can trust in their creative process.

Legal advice for Startups

A startup is an entrepreneurial entity with significant potential and often explosive growth rates. Natural organic development is replaced by dynamic, aggressive expansion. As a result, newly founded startups often face legal issues that established companies typically deal with after many years of entrepreneurial experience. Leapfrog growth is accompanied by the need for a correctly set legal framework. This specific segment of legal services requires close cooperation between the startup creators and legal counsel.  The foundation of success is the connection of visions; only the right paths for the company’s development can be found.

Legal advice before starting a business (starting a business)

We provide the necessary guidance and counseling before setting up a company. Start-up business owners have many questions at the beginning, which we work together to answer. We perceive the interests and needs of start-up entrepreneurs and prepare appropriate legal solutions for these purposes.

Setting up internal relations

We help define the startup’s meaning and purpose and the rules of operation between the partners. We assist in the strategic planning of the future of the business from the start-up phase. We create solutions for cooperation with business partners and jointly set up processes within contractual relationships with external suppliers. We provide the background to your labor relations and comprehensive legal advice in employee relations. 

Legal protection of know-how

We know the importance of protecting know-how, intellectual property, and authorship of startup projects. Without the proper legal support, you can’t rely on your original work being protected from infringement or theft. Equally important for a successful start-up is clarifying the project’s legal framework. Worrying and fretting about possible legal issues or disputes should not slow you down the road to building and realizing your vision. You can confidently leave us the legal issues associated with launching and building a startup.

Investor input into a startup

We will prepare your startup for the entry of an investor and a strategic partner. We provide legal advice to support and obtain the necessary sources of funding for the development of your startup. We prepare the legal conditions for the entry of investors in combination with maintaining essential investor security concerning the original ideas of the startup project and the principles of its creators. We incorporate contractual terms and conditions after the investor’s entry and the terms of participation in your startup. We control compliance with the rules of the concluded agreements by the interests of the entity we represent.

We are ready to help you solve your legal problems at whatever stage your startup project is in. If your startup has a legal issue, do not hesitate to contact us, and together with you, we will find a solution.  

How to start a business in Czech Republic

This is information and knowledge of the law that every entrepreneur needs to know. We provide comprehensive legal support to budding entrepreneurs. Legal advice in the early stages of a business will provide you with the information you need to start effectively.

It is all about answering questions:

  • How to run a business (sole proprietorship, LLC, Inc., or another form)?
  • What legal documents do I need, and where can I get them?
  • What and where do I need to obtain before setting up a company?
  • How do the processes work within a company?
  • Which specific obligations are related to my business?

Method of doing business

Choosing how you do business can mean significant future tax, time, and financial savings. Setting up and forming a company may not be the right solution. When creating a limited company, the shareholders subsequently find that this legal entity brings an unpleasant liability in double taxation. Conversely, some creators of original works of authorship rely on copyright protection even though they are not entitled to any security or accompanying rights under the law.

Thanks to our legal advice, you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of commercial companies;
  • Differences in bookkeeping and tax obligations;
  • Obligations when setting up a company;
  • Rights and obligations in the ordinary course of business;
  • Acting with due care and diligence;
  • Preparation of financial statements;
  • Legal relations between a company and its shareholders;
  • Relationships between individual shareholders;
  • Performance of legal obligations;
  • Conduct general meetings.

Do not rely on the practices of others in this regard. The form of your business should suit your requirements. Before you take steps that lead to unnecessary costs, let us advise you on what you need.

We have a solution for you if you have a problem in this area.