Administrative law and taxation

Administrative law

The position of the individual vis-à-vis the State is not equal. Protecting and respecting one’s rights and freedoms is necessary to avoid undue interference and unlawful practices by the authorities. The State’s authorities and the administrative decisions issued by them may only interfere with and restrict the rights of individuals in the manner prescribed by law. Defending one’s rights and claims against the competent authorities may not be a simple matter. We help our clients to assert their rights in official proceedings and represent them in contact with state authorities. You can rely on us to maintain your rights in administrative law proceedings. We provide comprehensive legal advice in the field of administrative law, in particular:

  • Proceedings under the Building Act;
  • Legal representation in zoning proceedings and proceedings for the permit or removal of buildings;
  • Advice and representation at the Labour Inspection (State Labour Inspection Office);
  • Legal assistance in the field of environmental law (Czech Environmental Inspectorate);
  • Legal representation in veterinary inspection (State Veterinary Administration);
  • Preparation and legal representation in trade inspection (Czech Trade Inspection Authority);
  • Protection in administrative offense proceedings (Misdemeanour proceedings);
  • Appeals against sanctions;
  • Legal representation in proceedings concerning unlawful acts and omissions of administrative authorities;
  • Administrative action;
  • Representation before administrative courts.

Taxes, representation in tax and customs proceedings

The solutions we create for our clients combine our expertise in tax. Some transactions naturally involve the need to assess tax aspects. The impact of certain taxes (VAT, income tax, acquisition tax, …) fundamentally affects the economic side of your project. The tax assessment is often crucial for assessing both return and efficiency. We have experience analyzing the conditions, preparing proposals for solutions, and selecting the right option. We help you find the optimal way to implement the chosen legal solution tax-efficiently. We cooperate with tax and accounting advisors.  In the event of discrepancies and deficiencies identified by the tax authorities, we represent our client‘s interests in tax proceedings. We will advise on how to proceed in fulfilling legal obligations to the state, cooperate in proceedings with the tax administration or other public authorities and help protect your interests against incorrect decisions or actions of the tax authorities or customs authorities. Similarly, we also assist your accountants and tax advisors in legal analyses in the field of taxation. We provide comprehensive legal advice in the field of tax law, in particular:

  • Analysis, legal analysis, and tax consultancy;
  • Legal advisory services in the field of taxation and assessment of the impact of case law;
  • Recommendations on the design and set-up of appropriate solutions in terms of the tax burden;
  • Legal representation in tax audits;
  • Remedies for fines and penalties imposed by the tax authorities;
  • Remedies for fines, penalties, and arrears in customs proceedings;
  • Prevention and avoidance of corporate offenses;
  • Defence in criminal proceedings for tax (tax offenses) and tax evasion;
  • Administrative action against decisions of tax authorities/customs authorities;
  • Appeal in tax and customs procedures.